Judy Barlup on Japanese Tailoring
Sewing Instructor Judy Barlup teaches Japanese Tailoring
Unique Techniques focuses on fashion sewing
Using the Japanese method of construction, Judy Barlup cures the fear of tailoring



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Judy Barlup
is inducted into the
Sewing Hall of Fame
at the 2011
ASG Annual Conference



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Welcome to Unique Techniques

Judy Barlup, founder of Unique Techniques, award winning instructor, writer and garment construction expert, has retired. This is Judy's personal message to her loyal customers, students and sewing friends.

October 21, 2011

Dear Friends,
My sincerest thanks to each of you for making my career so rewarding. Because of you, I never felt like I was "working." I got up each morning filled with enthusiasm, knowing that someone was there who wanted instruction or advice or to place an order or who just needed encouragement. This wasn't work: it was pleasure!

However, the time has come for other pursuits. I want to sew that beautiful fabric I've been saving while I can still thread a needle. I want to read. I want to help Jim organize his rhododendron hybridizing records. I want to greet the Lily of the Valley when they bloom by the walkway in the spring rather than rush by. I want to enjoy time with all of the dear friends I've made over the years. And I want to stay in touch with you on a more casual basis.

Even though I will no longer be processing orders or formally teaching, I am available to talk sewing and offer encouragement by phone (425-885-5296) or by email.

Judy BarlupAs I said in my acceptance speech when I was inducted into the ASG Sewing Hall of Fame, remember me, not as I appear now with the effects of Parkinson's, but as I am on the inside: standing tall, wearing BIG glasses (this time stylish Pucci sun shades rather than the dated frames I was wearing in the DVD) and shouting loudly (rather than in my now weakened voice) "You can do it!"

With love to each of you and happy memories, 


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